Open Letter

There are many different good things in pubic schools and one of the many great things in public school is that they let you wear what you want as long as it doesn’t break the school dress code. We can wear what we choose unlike private schools. Being able to dress how you want will let people know a little about your culture and personality. For example, if you like to go to parties you can wear nice button up shirts, a belt that matches, and jeans and boots. While this is a good thing about public schools, there are a lot of bad things about public schools. For example some teachers don’t think about the background of their students like if they are having a good day overall or their family of where the are from. Also when some students start to date for a long time they start to make out in public when nobody wants to see that. For example when I had a class at LHS Main going to 3rd period there would always be like 2-3 couples making out. Do that when y’all have y’all’s own privacy where other people don’t have to see that.

If I were in charge I would love to have like a mini “block party” where all the different cultures can come together or like they can learn new dances like people who don’t know how to dance Nortenas hey can learn by the people who do know how to dance Nortenas. Also I would enforce the rule of people not making out so I would make teachers stand in  all the “hiding spots” in school so that people don’t be making out because some students don’t want to see that. This is what I would do if I were in charge for a school.

20 Time Update

My 20 time topic is a ’69 Chevy Nova. I picked this because I really enjoy looking at old cars also be I want to be a mechanic when I grow up and maybe even own a ’69 Nova. My favorite thing about this project is that I can work hands on the car and that I learn about the car more. The hardest part is building the car because the parts are really small. I plan to use Slide Carnival to present my 20 time project>

Tuesdays With Morrie

In the 8th paragraph Mitch And Morrie talk about money. MItch and Morrie have a conversation about money, and will they talk they have a different view on money. I choose this topic, because the world has made us think we will be happy if we have a lot of money.  A quote is “We’ve got a form of brainwashing going on in our country, Morie sighed. Do you know how they brainwash people? They repeat something over and over. And that’s what we do in this country. Owning things is good. More money is good. More property is good. More commercialism is good. More is good. More is good. We repeat it- and have it repeated to us-over and over until nobody bothers to even think otherwise. an other quote is “the outside rooms have not improved or upgrade . In fact Morrie really hadn’t bought anything new expect medical equipment in a long, long time, maybe years.” I would to choose a side I would have to side with Morrie, because some homeless people are happy to have a pair of shoes even if they may not have a roof over there head. After reading this chapter of Tuesdays with Morrie I have a different view on money now. Whenever I have something I barley use i’m going to either give it away or give to charity.

20 time – Post #1

My 20 time project is to build at least 2 model cars in the time that I can show the class by the time we have to teach our class our project. I would go to the store and buy the car and tell y’all why I choose this car in the first place. I will buy the car out of school on my own money.My 20 time project is to build at least 2 model cars in the time that I can show the class by the time we have to teach our class our project. I would go to the store and buy the car and tell y’all why I choose this car in the first place. I will buy the car out of school on my own money. The car that I am have is a ’69 Chevy Nova. I choose this car from the show Street outlaws from the racer Murder Nova.


Tuesdays with Morrie

The 2nd chapter is about feeling sorry for your self. Every day in the morning Morrie checks what he can still move and  he feels mourn. He even cry’s over about it when he really needs to cry. Then he starts to talk about how he feels way more luckier because he is getting to tell his story and say good bye to everyone and everything before he dies. My text evidence is on page 57 he said “He smiled. Not everyone is so lucky”.

In the 2nd Tuesday with Morrie that line impacted me is “Not everyone is so lucky”. I choose this line because he is able to say goodbye to everything before he dies of ALS. This impacted me a lot because we don’t have the chance to say bye to everything before we die, also because he was able to tell his story to the world. If Morrie was still alive and I could ask him any question about life I would ask him; What advice can you give me on life?

-Isaac Martinez


My future goal

“24-50, 24-50, Kill, kill 1-80, 1-80 set” pads popping BANG CLASH “Joseph Bukassa with an other Cowboys first down”  “Hey Troy Aikman how about the offensive line men” “Tony the real question is how about the cowboys rookie left guard Isaac Martinez?”. If you can’t tell already I want to play in the National Football league (NFL). Playing in the NFL has been my dream since I was in the 3rd grade. I started to watch football in 2nd grade.

My parents never let play football before, they only would let me play flag football with friends or two hand touch. I actually started to play football in 7th grade for Huffines Middle School I played for 7th and 8th grade. Now I play in High school, I go to Lewisville high school (LHS). I may not be on A team or B team but I’m on C team.  Being on C team will let me develop more and get bigger. But my first task to make it in the NFL will be to be looked at college scouts when I’m a senior in high school. Second task will be to work my tail off during my off season in high school and in college. If i was able to choose what college and NFL team I would like to go to Texas A&M and for the NFL it would have to be the Dallas Cowboys or the Houston Texans.

In conclusion this is my plan because I can help my family and tell them stories of what I came from and to where I ended up at. I would help my parents by buying there dream house. I would help my kids but I wouldn’t hand them anything they will have to work for everything they want. I would tell the school to treat my kids like they are any other student, so that they wouldn’t  treat them like someone famous just because there dad plays in the NFL. Also if my kids doing want to play football or any other sport I will not forces them to play sports, I will support my kids no matter what.


-Isaac Martinez

How do I see the world?

I  see the world as if it is getting worse every second everyday no matter what somebody dose if someone try’s to make a difference  in the world, One thing that is kinda making the world worse right now is the gun violence and the gun control laws. I say this because every time when there is going be a meeting of the gun control laws meeting bad happens like if they are planning to do it three to eight days before the meeting happens. I think they should not tell the world when they plan there meetings.

An example of this is that there was going to be a meeting about gun control  on  June 20, 2016 but about a week before on June 12, there was a shooting in a shooting  Orlando  nightclub that killed forty-nine people and fifty-eight wounded. The meeting that was supposed happen on the 20th of June never happened because of that shooting so they changed it for later date because of the shooting. They didn’t want to have the meeting because they thought is would be too soon for the meeting after the shooting.  The people who plan these meeting they should not tell the world when they are going to have the meetings. Also they should not wait a full three months just about one and a half or two months after to have the meeting.

Now I’m going to start to close this up. The world is getting worse and worse every hour, everyday, every week, every month of the year to come. They need to have theses gun control law meeting to end all of these mass shootings. They should hurry this up because they can save millions of lives and keep families together. This is how I see the world to this day.


-Isaac Martinez